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The RIAI can’t / won’t do anything about such complaints even if the ‘architect’ is a member. The RIAI will only engage with complaints from clients of RIAI registered practices where clients are making a complaint against the architect who is providing a service to them. It is fruastrating but the RIAI have no code of conduct for as of yet for what you are describing.

Problems with drawings / compliance must be pointed out to the Local Authority ( planning or enforcement ) or An Bord Pleanala as is the case. Planning / An Bord Pleanala will only accept legitimate/substantial arguments from people who have made observations/objections in the prescribed manner. These are quite important points to remember.

If Enforcement, after the reporting of an illegal development or breach of compliance, fail to deal with a situation the only avenue that you can take is to take out an injunction against the owner. I think there is very little you can do against the agents themselves. I would suggest that an injunction – which is expensive, or the threat of one – which is realitively inexpensive, would certainly at least gain the attention of the owner.

Is it possible also to that you are dealing with mistakes, rushed work and errors instead of outright deception?

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