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I don’t think so Paul. I searched their site yesterday by typing in his name and location but the search result came up with this

There are no practices matching the criteria you specified.

Therefore I can only assume that he works privately.

I am seriously annoyed at some of the things this individual has done on behalf of his clients and the latest episode, involving drawings submitted to the P.A. that were not in compliance with the Conditional permission granted was the final straw. How anyone could ‘doctor’ their drawings in the hope of retaining what An Bord Pleanala directed must be moved back is beyond me. This is schoolboy stuff but overall and over a course of a year the amount of deception involved by this individual on planning applications and drawings has completely amazed me and yet it seems that he isn’t in any way concerned by this. It’s stressful enough been subject to a system that apart from sites like this I’d know very little about but to witness an architect behave in this manner just defies all sense of logic. After all, he is a professional and he should act accoringly.

My aplogies if I appear unobjective but you’d have to fully experience what I have to understand my frustration.

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