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The designation as a protected structure doesn’t necessarily mean that all elements are listed Lotts – rather a Section 5 declaration on behalf of the local authority will decide what is and what isn’t listed, or more specifically what alterations would require planning permission, when an application comes in.
In the unorthodox case of Archer’s Garage, I’d imagine that everything but the basic concrete shell could attain permission for alteration without too much hassle from the planners, provided it was an ‘improving’ development. In fact, considering the corner tower is a dodgy replication, even a re-jigging of it to a more accurate form would no doubt be looked on favourably in Wood Quay.

It is very odd that the tower which is composed in cast concrete, probably the easiest of all materials to work in and recast features with, was replicated so poorly – as evident in Paul’s before and after pictures:

Not that it’s a major blemish, but it’s the principal that counts. And the original did have a more aerodynamic stance to it, than the lumpen stump there now.

Overall the development adds a nice crisp splash of brightness to a rather soulless place, especially in the sunshine. The surrounding buildings integrate quite nicely, if the white garage a bit jarring against the cream stone walls. Suppose you can’t account for everything…

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