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@Graham Hickey wrote:

That’s a very good point about the nature of building in Ireland Devin – real living heritage being replaced with dead ‘heritage style’. The practice would be funny were it not so sad, and it’s everywhere – ‘Super Valu Syndrome’.

And it’s almost as if those involved want to create a new heritage]should[/I] have been like – made up of monumental strutures symmetrical and ordered to the point of blandness, covered in ‘heritage’ features like frilly electric lanterns, factory-churned shopfronts and fancy PVC facias – replacing the old rickety heritage with an easy-to-clean, wipeable surface version.

At least so much of the destruction that used to go on has stopped, esp with greater vigilance on the part of local authorities, but you still get the odd one slipping through the net 🙁

Graham I think that you are being a little unfair to musgraves, insomuch as their business model generally leads them to secondary locations where a lot of their premises are not designed by them but tend to be speculative schemes that are primarily residential with a retail element at ground floor only. Super-Value did take the anchor unit in the old McBurney building on Aston Quay which has had its facade restored fantastically, (the damage was done to that one in the 1980’s for the virgin records letting)

I definitely agree on the homogenous nature of much of the infill that is plaguing most Country towns it is really a rose-tinted view of the past and vastly over-scaled in proportion to the real thing, very few centres had set piece squares on the scale of four storeys over basement, in many ways this Enniscourthy shop is the perfect example of the real thing dissappearing. Although I think this one will be retained by the planners but if needs be an appeal will be taken to An Bord Pleanalla.

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