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With reference to the RIAI spokesperson above:
I emailed her after the programme to point out that “Passive House” was actually a prescriptive standard and not some woolly notion about a sun panel here and a ventilation cowl there. The response I got back made me even more concerned about architect’s ‘expert’ knowledge:

“I was not holding out to be an expert in passive solar housing. The question came unexpectedly and I was not quite sure the context without blinding people with too much technical info when I was there to promote Simon open door.”

I hadn’t stated that she should be an expert in anything, but surely an Architect should at least know what terms like Passive House mean? Especially if they put themselves forward to take part in radio Q&A sessions.
The architect in question is a partner in a well-known London firm.

What prompted me to write to her was a real concern that the market for ‘Eco’ products seems to be becoming saturated with sellers who know very little about the fundamentals behind their products. We are being told that thousands of jobs will be created in our green economy. It is quiet likely that a significant proportion will be created by those who care mainly that this ‘opportunity’ is one for profit, not what is most appropriate for individual home owners. It doesn’t take much knowledge or expertise to source, import and sell the latest green equipment. Some vendors will take advantage and will mis-sell, there is not a lot we can do about that.

The architect on the radio caused confusion, and did nothing for the profession. I know many non-professionals who have higher awareness of sustainability and the Passive House standard.
The profession has responsibilities:
“Let us avoid a new technocratic priesthood of greenwashing experts. We must remember that environmental sustainability is not just a new fashion, but an ancient practice” (Brian MacKay-Lyons).
What would be useful, are Architects who can confidently inform clients and guide them through the myriad of products and solutions with real expert knowledge.

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