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And lets face it, in terms of construction and design, we are a long way off of ‘low carbon’ as it is, not to mind going beyond that.
Brian O’ Hanlon

Part L 2010 is not so far off. 60% improvement = Passive house.
Consultation starts in September.

Great Post Brian, Amory Lovins spoke at the Institute of European Affairs in North Great Georges St. last week. ‘Winning the Oil Endgame’. He spoke of the huge oppertunities Ireland has for innovation in Green Tech. His focus is on Efficiency over Energy production (redesigning for radical efficiency). He helped on the design of a car that used 1/10 of the diesel but with more power. Aerodynamics, traction and weight of a composite frame were the main savings.

There is a great opertunity for a changing of the guard in Architecture. The Architects of 2010-20 will be a different animal to those of 2000-10. Those who can utilise scientific principles whilst designing low cost solutions will prosper. Business as usual Architects who resist the move towards a Architecture as a science will find it more difficult to maintain a business. We all need to be able to design for water vapour diffusion in highly insulated fabric, or design for zero cold bridging and Airtightness under one air change. There is huge oppertunities for those who can adapt to the age of scarcity.

James Lovelock (last month speaking in UCD) estimates that world population will have fallen back to 1bn by 2100 from its current 8bn. Their wont be enough to go around for our Children. He describes these isles and New Zealand as Lifeboat Islands. We’ll be spared the worst of ‘Global Weirding’. But just as the Roman Empire shrunk into a village that fit inside the Colluseaum, we have to recognise that our way of life is on a descent curve. Planning to adapt to that reality is common sense. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.

Bringing this back to architecture, low energy is not about bolting on fancy equipement ists abouit using the simple tools of Architecture. Christover Alexander et all. Best klessons in Passive House is to look at the old abandoned cottages in the countryside. Siting, Orientation, compactness, daylight. The first year stuff.

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