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@asdasd wrote:

…….is mere culchie bashing ( from people not opposed to the monstrosities , or one-offs, in either Howth, or Sorento road)

The concluding remark in your post above says it all about yor post. It’s not culchie bashing, the denizens of Sorrento Rd in general object to everything. Anyone who lives on Sorrento Rd and tried to do anything to their property has a planning nightmare from the local residents’ group or AT who appear to be opposed to any development. Nothing is achieved without years of planning and appeals, and even then success is not assured. The Edge tried to do an extension to his house and got mired in objections by AT, he gave up and moved house; Eddie Irvine’s house is architecturally interesting but looks like a geometric turd in that location, there is a guy on the corner of Sorrento trying to get permission for a garage for years; another on Sorrento Terrace resorted to excavating an underground garage to get parking. Pino Harris has a heap of pretentious crap and (deservedly) had huge difficulty on retention on various “features.” Van Morrisson and his neighbour have had huge rows with each other and the planners….. the list could go on, that’s just one end of Sorrento.
However, if you plan to build an art gallery you get AT’s blessing and PP . Then you live in it and refuse to open it to the public for security reasons. Learn from that, FOT!

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