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I agree – like the well known saying – A dog is not for xmas….” So are apartment blocks – and sectin 23 I fear has not helped us achieve the best our planners and architects can in the race the throw up apartments in huge numbers. Great to finally speak to a planner who can hold up poor examples of apartments and recognise the need for a high spec to be brought to bear in the new apartment development because of the potential future issues dealing with numerous owners.

BTW – what is your view of building 8 storey apartment blocks opposite a world renowned church and pastoral centre and behind ( directly) 2 storey listed structures ???

There seems to be no appetite to listen to or try to manage existing reasonable inhabitants of 2 storey homes who border sites marked for development. High density in Tallaght village has meant apartments, apartments and only apartments. No duplexes, townhouses, just apartments. The future will not judge developers or planners in Tallaght viallge are well.

This is happening in Tallaght village ( beside the N81 – under section 23 ) and to be honest – the interested residents of Tallaght are wall fallen trying to get anyone to recognise the need to employ some savvy in terms of sympathetic design to compliment a historical streetscape……Tallaght has seen section 23 translate every development into a number games of how many units, how cheaply and how quickly… all in an envirionment adjacient to 2 storey semi detached houses which will not be eliminated and therefore have to be considered..

I am not a planner and admit to only having an interest in the result a building has in terms of asthetic design, streetscape, experience for the inhabitants and the community it creates.

Any insight you can offer would be hugely appreciated Alonso !

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