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when montevetro is finsihed where will it come in terms of dublins tallest buildings? just short of liberty hall but will it be taller than canary dwarf?

also was racking my brains last night to think of what order dublins 10 tallest built/under construction would come in.anyone any ideas.

i had liberty hall,montevetro,canary dwarf,altovetro,millenium tower,santry cross but then i wasnt sure.the vantage apartments at central park seem high and also 2 high lift shafts can be seen from the M50 in sandyford.would o connell bridge house,central bank,quinn building in blanch make it? theres also a few apartment blocks round 10-12 stories e.g. cork st, tallaght beside the square, hsq, old chocolate factory kilmainham and at the charlestown centre off the m50.anyone able to hazard a guess/provide a list by height??

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