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@rumpelstiltskin wrote:

The fact is that most people in Ireland would like to have a gleaming capital city with great architecture and magnificent skyscrapers. It simply sends a message that anything others can do, we can do just as good. Yet we continue to treat Dublin as a provincial city, even as a town. It’s a capital city and it needs monumental over-the-topness.

So true, capital cities are often held up to the world as an example of the best a nation has to offer – in terms of culture, history, landmarks, education, and of course architecture.

High-rise simply sends a signal of ‘we’re a serious city, not an overgrown town.’
I’m all for keeping large parts of Dublin Georgian, but it’s not as if we can keep the docklands Georgian, this area is the perfect place to display Ireland’s ‘Mini Manhattan’ or ‘Canary Warf.’

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