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@mickeydocs wrote:

These facts are from wikipedia (formerly encyclopedia brittanica).

Limerick City is the census was 52,000, not 87,000, haven’t you heard that the city is in danger of losing it’s title as a European city. The figures are inclusive of suburbs (not limited by council/county nonsense). There is a massive difference between 274,000 and 89,000 don’t you think.

Don’t bother replying to me, contact the guys at wikipedia, they are always willing to listen as long as you introduce some facts and not just hear say aimed at bigging up Limerick and it’s 200 miles of suburbs.

Of course you’ll never let facts get in the way of a good story

LOL…. you make me laugh so much at your comments… 52,000 where is your facts for this, and if Limerick is really this (since we all know at this stage it’s not) what was the figure for Cork just below that figure on the Census, you hypercrite…..:p 119,000… and falling rapidly. by what percentage?

Btw wikipedia on Limerick is 97,000 from the last I time I checked for figures on Limerick, It seems to change from time to time, Wikipedia also stated that it’s a very underbounded city with the figures of 52,000 very misleading, why didn’t you tell us this. I’ll put it up it you want.
the 274,000 you mentioned is half of county Cork. You are so full of it ,at this stage.

Edit… (My intellegence is now tested lol)
Mickeydocks figures for Cork- is it’s hinterland and suburbs including Cork city- metroplian etc that would take in a 50 mile radius. He then compares it to, just Limerick city( inadequate underbounded boundary) that’s 60% of it’s population that’s is not even included.
The figures for Limerick is on the shannonside thread posted by Shane, can’t remember what page but near the begining, it’s around 225,000 for it’s hinterland. so Limerick is smaller than Cork but not exsessively so!

The figures he should have pointed out to balance the arguement.
Would be 184,000 for Cork and 87,000 for limerick which is the census 02 results including suburbs, but what the heck, It’s a stupid arguement about Cork… You know compare Cork to Dublin… and they will shut up..

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