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@Spinal Tap wrote:

Shannon will be finished as soon as the open skies policy and the U.S. troops stop landing there this month bumping up the numbers passing through.
Shannon is going to end up as a freight hub with a few flights for passengers to mainland Europe and not the transatlantic flights which will nostly move to Dublin and a limited transatlantic service from Cork.
Whatever you say the Cork Airport catchment area is expanding rapidly and the subsidies and tax free Shannon zones days are numbered.

Shannon has now more continental routes than it ever has. Ryanair has keen interest in staying Shannon. Ryanair have announced it will be one of their European hubs. I’m not sure of the figures, but Shannon, was historically known, as dealing purely on transatlantic flights to and from America? Has this not changed? Today there are more European routes from Shannon than there is to America.
I’m not sure, why is almost everyone getting on a bandwagon that Shannon will flop when stopover will be terminated
Transatlantic traffic has being static or levelled off since foot and mouth, Terrorism and September 11 etc. Americans are not flying to Europe as much as they used too. The main reason why transatlantic numbers are still up is the US Military. When open skies policy is finally set in stone, it will not affect Shannon greatly in the long run. Shannon now relies heavily on Continental routes and UK routes, which are all booming.
Shannon is not doomed; it has just kicked off… It just goes to show that some people are trying to fuel nonsense.

I am not saying Cork should close either. My point is Shannon is very important. It’s still bigger, still taking in more flights and Numbers. IF cargo freight comes to Shannon, all the better. Cork is still in debt, we must not forget either.

A few flights? That is a stupid statement. Where were you last year, transatlantic flights didn’t really change much in figures? Continental did. How many Continental routes have opened up in Shannon in the last 12 months?

Mickeydocs: where are your figures for greater Cork growth rate of 12% that is not a very high figure, Limerick region grew that in the last census, not to mention Limerick city grew at 4% and Cork city has fallen pretty much every census in my time. On top of that, Limerick boundary is more complex than Cork. Anyway you Compare the figures to Greater Shannon, and the growth of Greater Cork. It will not be spectacular. Galway city has being growing at around 15% since the 90s

Let’s take it as an hours drive from Shannon Airport
an hours drive from Cork Airport
Population growth an hours from Shannon would obviously have one of the highest growths in Munster if not the entire Atlantic seaboard.

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