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@a boyle wrote:

this is ridiculous, this country is miniscule , the only reason people are actually considering intra state flying is because everything on the ground is fucking shite.

Your right. Whatever about the likes of Cork-Dublin, the rest of the roads and rails are likely to stay shite, so why do you want to remove the only viable option for people?

@a boyle wrote:

subsidizing things is just plain bad, and not always a productive way to do things. It should only be used as a last resort.

Again you’re almost right, but not listening. Subsidies can be good but must be evenly distributed and transparent.

@a boyle wrote:

Had the dublin /cork rail line been upgraded , the point to point travel time would be a little over an hour.

It has been! But won’t be upgraded much more for the foreseeable future. IE have spent buckets of money on track and engines and still can’t/won’t break 2 hours.

@a boyle wrote:

On your point 4 yes i think you could get every one in the cork area to drive to the local train station . why not ?
build a long term car park in cork limerick and galway.
But even if you don’t agreee well if some decent roads were in plave then it would not matter.

People won’t drive from Bantry to Cork and get a train. Get a grip on yourself. What you’re saying is you want to encourage people to drive on crap roads into a congested urban area and get a train for another hour or more. Christ.

@a boyle wrote:

finally dublin is not particularly concentrated at all with thousands littered up to drogheda down through wicklow and in to naas.

Of course it’s concentrated. 😡 You have 1.6 million in maybe 1000 square miles of the Greater Metropolitan Dublin Area compared to the population of Connaught of 464,000 spread out across 17,700 square miles.

@a boyle wrote:

if all these local airstrip can make due without a trip to the money trough then that is wonderfull but they should not be part of the bigger plan

Again, almost right, but only if we lived in cloud cuckoo land (although you seem to). Sadly we don’t, and the economic activity that is generated and facilitated by all of those airports is usually (usually, not always) good value.

Would this comment also include your precious Shannon which receives the stopover (in effect a subsidy) , a multi-million euro marketing fund from Shannon Development (a subsidy), a terminal built and paid for by the former Aer Rianta (a subsidy)………..

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