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@A-ha wrote:

I can’t see that happening. The total population of the whole of Connacht, Co Limerick and Co. Clare just about equals that of Co. Cork alone. I think dave123, to define a population centre, you would need high density populations, not a few hundred thousand spread across half of Ireland. Your comment is absolutely ridiculous and I think you would be laughed at if this thread was set in another country and not Ireland. So unless the vhest (west) of Ireland is going to attract half a million people within the next ten years, then I really can’t see it happening. You talk of a population boom along the N18, I doubt it will compare to that along the Cork Suburban Rail extensions to the east and north of the city, or with that of the Fermoy Motorway, or the North Ring Road. And not forgetting that the European Union still considers the Western Regions of Ireland as under-developed, under-populated and still in need of Objective One EU funding, on par with areas such as eastern Poland or Slovakia. The EU must still pay for items such as basic infrastructre in the west along with aiding socio-economic groups to stop outward migration to areas such as Dublin, Cork or abroad. Cork has a population of half a million, thats about half the population of Munster, and more than the population of Connacht, so deciding where the biggest population centre will be (after Dublin of course) should be a no brainer.

AHA… Half the state would be Munster and Connaght…. Please keep into context. I said the N18 Corridor. We all know Cork is the second city of Ireland, and has being getting considerable investment in the last few years, both from the state and EU.. In this census, figures show that the west of Ireland is catching up in terms of Populaation, growth rates and the investment will follow.

You are being ridiculous. Not so long ago, there were plans brought about to have an Atlantic gateway hub that involves Shannon/Limerick and Galway, not sure if it’s still in action. This is not half the country in fact it’s smaller than County Cork.

Anyway, Shannon will not be closing and neither is Cork in the future. However, worst-case scenario, Cork would close IMO, mailny because Shannon would simply be a better compromise.

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