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It’s an imperfect system for sure, but I think your reaction is a bit over the top, not to say ill-informed.

Nobody is getting a house for free that wouldn’t otherwise qualify for one in the absence of this system. And the ‘affordable’ ones aren’t free at all, not to mention that million euro houses generally don’t get offered under such a system.
If the council was to provide the housing, it would be paid for by the taxpayer. Where else do you think the money would come from?
The list has grown because developers have been by and large unwilling to play ball, and councils are bending over backwards to facilitate them (not planners, but Councillors- clientilism how are ya!).
The law states that the landowner/developer is entitled to market price for the land, not agricultural price as you think.

I agree that the system has its flaws, but the ones you highlight aren’t the ones I see.

For my money, a better system would be that local authorities have first option on land purchase at existing value. They could then sell it on to a developer at a higher price after rezoning (the price the developer would have paid anyway if the land had been rezoned prior to initial sale). Only difference is that the profit goes to the Council, who could then use the funds for infrastructure etc. Perhaps a % more than ag value could be paid to the original owner so they don’t feel cheated, and ultimately the windfall is shared more equitably.

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