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Nice to see my original thread come back to life. The course in DIT as I remember, does not put you on the path on becoming an architect but what it does do is explore the edges of the profession and more importantly will show whether the profession is of real interest to you and whether one has the aptitude for it.
Unfortunately have to wait 18 months for the next one.

Maybe the thread may jog someone elses memory as to some other worthwhile course.

@jack1 wrote:

I came across this thread when searching google for evening courses in Architecture and would like to make a contrubution (if it’s not too late!) and hope that I could get some advice on how I could become an architect.

My background is also in IT, having worked for a number of years in the area. I felt completely unhappy in what I was working in and decided to take a break and do a full-time 1 year course in multimedia, which I’ve just finished. I did consider Architecture before doing this course but was uneasy about how i’d fund five years of college (I’m 29 and already did four years of college in UCD (don’t ask!)). I have good spatial skills, I’m creative and oddly enough I’m very interested in the architecture of transport infrastructure, but didn’t do Art in school.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve finished this multimedia course, it looks like I’ll have to get a job in what I was doing before I did the course (oh dear!). I’ve pangs to do architecture again.

So, I was looking into evening courses in architecture. Could someone confirm that the following is correct?
* the part-time Design Studies course in DIT doesn’t lead to the possibility of becoming an architecture? From what I can tell, it doesn’t.
* To get to do architecture, you must do it full-time:
– you could do this in three years abroad – apparently there is a course in Dalhousie university in Nova Scotia Canada which can be a three year course for mature students?
– To do it in Ireland it will take 5 years, but there’s no guarantee you will get entry?
– Is there another way?

I know my story sounds a bit confusing but much appreciated for any feedback.
Jack1. 🙁

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