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@Spinal Tap wrote:

The SEI may have a framework but does not have any courses yet,awards body or approved and validated course providers for up to 2000 BER assessors nationwide for the approved register of assessors which will be set up on their website and hope to have the courses starting winter 2006 – slim chance of that at this stage I’d say.

The nature of these things would indicate that this initiative will not commence from 1st January. However, all the info that I can gather from a number of sources indicate that it will be. Once the software is made available, courses will come ontrack immediately after this. The assessment methodology is little different from the uk model. Furthermore, it is very similar to energy audit systems already offered by other bodies/course providers. People who are already involved will only need to do a ‘top up’ course in order to go forward for registration with the SEI.
If it really was a case that 2000 assessors (or even half this figure), there would be no way this would be setup in time for 1st January. However, given that there will be a low demand for energy auditing initially ( new dwellings subject to this requirement will have to filter through the planning system – as it only applies to those with planning after 1st July 2006), there will be little need for so many assessors.
The SEI suggested that 2000 need to be trained on the basis that this will probably leave 1,000 assessors who would then actively pursue the work. The reality is that only a fraction of this figure will be needed in order to fulfill the assessment requirements on new housing stock as it comes to market.
I should know more shortly as I will be attending an SEI update on the process tonight.
@Spinal Tap wrote:

Anyone with approved accreditation can do the BER’s which could actually be Builders or their representatives so not exclusivly members of the Architectural profession.

True. From an assessors point of view, its an open market which will regulate itself.
@Spinal Tap wrote:

Anyone thinking that there is a goldmine out there with this are making a mistake.

Agreed. Just in case I gave this impression from my earlier posts, my only expectation here is that I can establish a business which can make me a reasonable ‘living’ (relative to my current background of average industrial wage), allowing me to organise my own work as a self employed individual – which has always been a goal.
But most definitely no goldmine scenario here!

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