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Good Point.

This wasnt the approach I had envisaged as such. Given that I will be a licensed site assessor working within the framework established by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI), its their baby and they will be the ones interfacing with the media when the issue is hightlighted again. I suspect this will be round the time of the actual implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) with regard to the auditing of new dwellings in January.
My target customer from Jan. ’07 until 2009 will be builders/Developers. From 2009 onwards, the second part of the EPBD will be implemented – requiring a energy rating cert. also for existing dwellings once they are put on the market or rented accomodation prior to letting.
Builders will be required to have these energy rating certs for any dwelling they put on the market (that had planning applied for after July 07 & offered for sale in the new year). As this is a new requirement for them, they wont have an existing relationship with an energy survey service provider. My purpose is to get my name out there so that when they go looking to get an energy rating certificate, they will be pointed in my direction. Hence my original query as to whether builders are likely to consult with professionals such as yourselves when they are unaware of who can provide such a service.

The SEI may have a framework but does not have any courses yet,awards body or approved and validated course providers for up to 2000 BER assessors nationwide for the approved register of assessors which will be set up on their website and hope to have the courses starting winter 2006 – slim chance of that at this stage I’d say.

Anyone with approved accreditation can do the BER’s which could actually be Builders or their representatives so not exclusivly members of the Architectural profession.
Anyone thinking that there is a goldmine out there with this are making a mistake.

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