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@Bren88 wrote:

Why would you need to call out, and what good would it be anyway.

Ok, so your suggesting work off the plans. Fair enough – no problems with that. However, do you not feel that there should be a final physical inspection (and thats whats proposed if I understood it correctly) before having the cert issued. There are plenty of things that happen on sites and plenty of other things that should happen but don’t.
Lets take just one example…what if a boiler goes in other than the one originally planned? There are only a handful of items that can lead to an audit being way off the mark and this is one of them.

Anyways, lets not argue on the above seeing as its going to be a requirement to ‘call to site’ and effectively carry out a final audit.
@Bren88 wrote:

Are you suggesting that a scheme of say 24 houses is going to be 24 times the work?

I already covered this point when I said…. ‘There are circumstances where it would be acceptable to me – eg. where a deal is done with a developer to audit a number of houses at a discounted rate.’ And its not going to work out any other way in the case of large developments.

@Bren88 wrote:

that looks about right for an audit of an existing house thats coming on to the market. Its going to be alot more work involved. But thats a different issue.

Existing housing is a different issue. However, she was not referring exclusively to existing housing.

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