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@energy_audit wrote:

What service providers who do ‘call out’ business charge this sum or less?

Define call out? Why would you need to call out, and what good would it be anyway.

There are circumstances where it would be acceptable to me – eg. where a deal is done with a developer to audit a number of houses at a discounted rate.

Are you suggesting that a scheme of say 24 houses is going to be 24 times the work?? Are you kidding. there will be very few changes from one to the other.

Furthermore, the British Housing Minister (interviewed on bbc a couple of months back) said that home owners could expect an energy audit to cost £300 (€370). Given that the irish auditing system is derived from the UK model (SAP), I think its reasonable to make comparisons.

That looks about right for an audit of an existing house thats coming on to the market. Its going to be alot more work involved. But thats a different issue.

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