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Worked on this development, in reference to a previos post, the windows above the decorative corball on the mosaic building are indeed new (new stair core to the aprtments now resides behing this facade, utilising the view thro these fantastic windows for every day use by residents, rather than just service stairs)..

The lane way between OCP dev and Dunnes had to be utilised mainly as a service street, given the space required for a car lift, the two sub stations required by the esb took up alot of retail frontage, plus allowances for access to switch rooms at -1 level, escape access for gentlemans quarters, access to the management suites, it just didnt leave much space for main retail frontage… Given the clutter of allocated service space, this strret looks very presentable. Having widened Faulkerers Lane.. aka Opera Avenue/Lane, (City Councillors get final approval on changing an existing street name), the widening of this lane was never financially feasable.

Its looking well..

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