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The website for this development is now up and running. Some nice images, virtual walk-throughs, etc. for perusing.

A number of (relatively) minor points still trouble me:

1. The website mentions both Opera Lane and Faulkner’s Lane and in one of the onscreen maps refers to the lane itself as Opera Lane. Can we get this clear? There is no such street in Cork City as Opera Lane. Call the buildings what you want but leave the street names alone.

2. When the former Examiner Facade to Patrick Street was demolished to make way for the glazed structure, the planning permission required the distinctive doorway was to be retained for future use ON-SITE. When/where is this going to happen?

3. Finally (and longtime readers of the Cork threads will, like me, be feeling a sense of Deja Vu) where is the Echo-boy? He used to be at the top of Faulkner’s Lane. Presumably he is to be re-instated?

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