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@Doug C wrote:

Hi wearenicehats, The EU2,500 is the amount recommended to us by the OPUS organiser. It has to cover transport expenses for both entries and jury members, meals and the odd night in a Dublin hotel (or it could be restricted to Dublin only jury members!).

The exhibition set up, launch and transport around the country will itself also have further costs. Perhaps you could come along to the AAI AGM in NCAD on the 26th of this month and we could all discuss it (and your awards concerns) further?

nope not interested. Gave up on competitions about a year after selling my soul to commercial architecture – “what – it’s for a tenant? oh nononononooooo”

Just curious as to why, if jurors aren’t paid, there should be any expense.

It could all be done online – make a thing of that very fact. No printing no renting no “transport for entries”(??). Jurors could adjudicate via conference calls. Hotels? – why?. Results posted online – link sent automatically to all, for example, RIAI members etc etc.

but, if you’d rather swill at the trough….

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