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I might judge for free depending on what’s involved, but I might not be eligible to be a judge, or you might get upset by what I say… 🙂
Great to see you embracing De Soshull Meeja BTW, Douglas – now if only you had the Cúpla Focail of Mandarin we could start exporting… LOL!

There is a sense that judges of any sort derived from the profession being judged live in a rarefied atmosphere.
I think you should also have at least on layperson judge i.e. someone not directly involved in the building professions.
And there is a strong argument that a client, a developer and a contractor should comment on the viability and built quality of the work.
After all, without private clients, developers and builders there would be no commissions and no built work, but they are usually excluded from commenting.

While “popular opinion” is often decried as lower standards this flies in the face of “art as a wordless” experience and if music is supposed to sooth the savage beast, I don’t see why laypersons cannot be judges of architecture, which is supposedly to support their activities.
I also fail to see why people who commission and build buildings are likewise excluded from commenting on the work – I accept that a certain level of communication skills might be expected, but I learnt most in Bolton Street from the studio-master who spoke the least to me at desk crits – Tom Kirk.

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