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The is the bitter fruit of the current, mealy-mouthed, short-sighted RIAI Strategy and I have posted about it before.
The State lets anyone design buildings and the follow on statutory applications that arise from building design.

Fools with no design training who do a three day course can now tout themselves as “passive haus designers”.
Incompetent people with no business qualification or a trade are setting themselves up as Main Contractors.

The RIAI strategy only tried cornering a shrinking market amongst people calling themselves architects.
This failed to address the fact that the provision of architectural services is totally unregulated.

This didn’t address the fact that self-certification – including that by many MRIAIs – is a joke.
Add to this the fact that main contractors are not themselves required to be qualified

The long term result is badly designed buildings built badly and improperly certified.
People with a five year full time course behind them are working as “apprentices”.

The RIAI are now *supposed* to be the “competent authority”.
I expect better than a “Fás Course” Solution from them.

But that would need a competent government too.
And all I see is Fianna Fáil Lite – a muppet show.


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