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@massamann wrote:

What confounds me is the opening times of the exhibition. Short of taking a day off from work, there is no way to get in to see an exhibition that is only open from 10 till 5, Monday thru Friday. Would one late night, or even a Saturday be too much to ask?

Agreed. I managed to get in yesterday at lunchtime, but I’m fortunate in being city centre based. And again, it was virtually deserted- just my date, me and one other bloke. If resources are the issue, I’d staff the damn thing myself some Sunday afternoon. I’d even waive my fee!

I didn’t get to see all the entries due to limited time, but a few things spring to mind, more to do with the exhibition itself than with the submissions. That’s part of the problem, in fact- I found it quite hard to get a feel for most of the buildings from the boards on display. Lots of close-ups of dinky details (and that lack of evidence of human habitation so beloved of architectural photographers), but little opportunity to see the buildings in context. If the point is to make funky posters, then fine, but if the point is to illustrate buildings for the audience, then it was lacking.

Also, I didn’t see any text other than that submitted by each firm (presumably). A little bit of insight into the judging process would have been worthwhile, rather than the usual promo fluff.

Re the buildings (in light of my comments above): I’d agree with gunter on the two extensions, i.e. the better one was the one on the back room, though neither really excited me (the kitchen of the Boyd Cody one looked more like a trendy web design office than a home, though the roof access looked to be a bit of fun); I thought the house in Portobello was an interesting approach to such a site; the warehouse in Galway is… a warehouse in Galway, with bits; the Mary I building in Limerick seemed pretty well thought out for a biggish college building, if a little bunkerish; and… what else was there? Aah yes, the housing backing onto Pearse Square (a father and son affair, judging by the names of the practices involved)- I thought this was one of the better schemes in the show, a considered approach to sensitive densification.

But as I say, these comments are based on the presentations only, i.e. are limited.

One thing I’d like to see is an exhibition of award winning buildings, say, five years after the award, to see how the ‘purity of the vision’ meets the realities of daily life. :rolleyes:

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