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I’m not saying making Dublin Airport an SDZ would be simply done to circumvent the planning process. In terms of economic importance to the state there is no more important site than this. Making it an SDZ would mean the badly needed infrastructure can be installed without prolonged public wrangling, as they can comment on, but not appeal the decision. We cant keep waiting years for this work to be started (never mind finished), it will cripple us.

As for Knock, I have to ask, why pump money into an airport in the middle of nowhere, with poor connections and no urban centre to provide critical mass of users. Shannon has served the entire West of Ireland for years (and if you live in Donegal you can use Derry) so why not expand its operations, the Air Lingus debacle aside? Limerick’s science and technology sector growth necessitates international connections and modern facilities far more than a shrine to Our Lady (who seems to get about just fine on her own). Knock may be of economic importance to a few Mayo developers, but not to the state, in my opinion. We cant have international airports in every corner of the country, it would spread resources too thin. Yes Knock can be modern and efficient, but at a smaller scale (regional connectivity) Our biggest airports should be world class in terms of facilities, connections and planning. The SDZ is a way to achieve this.

In short, let’s use the SDZ for the nation’s most pressing matters only.

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