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I’m not trying to convince anyone of the appropriateness of an SDZ at Knock, I remain to be convinced myself. But at least I remain open minded to hear the arguments. I think the An Bord Pleanala decision was the right one. An alternative site in a neighbouring town has been secured for the decentralised offices, so the idea that the SDZ can be used to circumvent the planning process in this instance does not hold up. However, it is interesting to note that herrkev is advocating just such a use of an SDZ in relation to Dublin airport.

herrkev has also, albeit inadvertently, put forward further strong arguments in favour of an SDZ at Knock. Of the 4 international airports listed, only one is within the EU designated BMW Region, and as such, should be prioritised for inward investment, an SDZ would be a good vehicle to deliver it. Of the 4 airports listed, only Knock, being a greenfield site, is ideal for an SDZ. An SDZ at Knock would also ensure that the dog’s dinner that is Dublin Airport will not be repeated down west, Shannon is not such a disaster as Dublin and that’s because it was part of a planned town not wholly dissimilar to the principle of an SDZ, I cant comment on Cork as I’m not sure where that is (I think it’s a separate republic down south somewhere, or dear, is that more republican rhetoric?)

This thread has gone some way in convincing me of the merits of an SDZ at Knock and, with reference to the poll result Troy, it would appear I’m not the only one. But as the democratic decisions of Local Government, the Regional Authority, Central Government and the EU, can be so easily dismissed in relation to designations at Knock, I’m sure you will have no problem dismissing a mere archiseek pole.

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