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I disagree OnThe Job that Adamstown should not be an SDZ. The scale and complexity of the project necessitated the new planning structure offered by the SDZ. A LAP wouldn’t have achieved half what the SDZ will, because it is an imperative part of the SDZ that the full plans are achieved. A LAP might only see a fraction of proposed plans realised, because of objections and other hold ups which can be bypassed in the SDZ.

As for Knock, I can think of three more deserving places first. Shannon, Cork and Dublin Airports. These are the kind of developments that embody “social and economic importance” to the state. Maybe we’d have gotten that second terminal done sooner if Dublin airport was an SDZ.

It also appears Old Man Troy is from Cork, so you cant with certainty accuse him of being Dublin-centrric. I’m not from Dublin either, but I’m not going to be anti-Dublin just because I think Dubliners are anti the rest of the country. I accept that Dublin is growing fast and SDZs are necessary in certain cases for managing this growth as best we can, and that means housing too.

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