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So an SDZ at an airport with regional and international* connections, and identified in the National Spatial Strategy, Regional Planning Guidelines and County Development Plan, is not of any strategic, social or economic importance, but private housing development sites in the suburbs of Dublin and Navan are? I must have drank too much holy water Troy, or maybe its my ignorance not being a graduate of the Cromwellian School of Planning, but you’ll have to explain that one for me, are all SDZs required to be within the GDA / The Pale?

Arguably, Adamstown should have been a LAP, and if Hansfield was so critical why is it still a greenfield site a year and a half after the SDZ was adopted? As for Clonmagadden SDZ, well, I’m sure the fact that the then Minister came from that constituency has nothing at all to do with that designation!! Some might think that of the four sites Knock is the only one that comes remotely near deserving of an SDZ, yet it’s a joke to the Dublin-based experts while the existing SDZs are not. Typical.

(*While I appreciate that most of the Dublin-centred contributors to this thread would not consider London a foreign destination – being part of the same Empire and all – nevertheless, and not wishing to offend anyone’s cultural identity, it is actually an international destination in transportation terms. In any event, Knock also has flights to North America and the continent.)

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