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I]Designation of sites for strategic development zones.
166.—(1) Where, in the opinion of the Government, specified development is of economic or social importance to the State, the Government may be order, when so proposed by the Minister, designate one or more sites for the establishment, in accordance with the provisions of this Part, of a strategic development zone to facilitate such development.[/I]

Agreed Ctesiphon, a LAP would be much more approriate.

Likewise HerrKev Its beyond me how a Senior Planner can put any weight behind this idea, surely he knows it would be doomed to failure. Knock is hardly of economic or social(not since Christy Moore had a hit single bout Fr. Horan) importance to the state. It is to Mayo maybe, and that is only a maybe. Maybe if they got a few new miracles going down there they could get a Lourdes buzz going. :rolleyes:

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