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Havta say, of all the water bodies in Dublin, the inner Grand Canal dock is one of the last I’d fill in – the varied collection of brick and stone warehouses rising out of the water is a totally unique piece of canal-dock-scape. Nowhere else in Dublin do you get that immediacy between buildings & water (on this scale anyway).

Bill, with regard to ‘who sees it, and from where?’ you’re right. The bit you mention near the Trinity Enterprise Tower and another shabby ‘SLOAP’ area at the Pearse Street end are crap (and there’s also a 4ft wide space the public can walk on behind the buildings on this side of the dock, but you’d never be able to relax there). Reclaiming some space at the south side of the dock would seem like a good idea – but not if they’re just going to build on it!! And I too don’t see why the rail line has to be ‘shielded’ – it’s part of the character of the area and its walls are in nice rubble stone … just sounds like an excuse for filthy lucre development!!

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