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In reality is Galway not the only city to get a recent boundary extension which gave it the fastest growing city in Europe tag. Cork, Limerick and Waterford havent had any in years and in terms of size Limericks city boundary is smaller than any of the others. No sympathy for Galway in this case!

@FIN wrote:

just to let ye know. galway county and city councils are at loggerheads ( or at least were a few months ago ) regarding the expansion of galway city’s boundary. the same i presume as the what one poster said about cork. however, the expansion of two storey heaven out to oranmore now is just crazy. the county won’t let the centre of oranmore go over 2/3 storeys and so it follows that the ever encroaching expansion of our cities and towns into the landscape contributes to it’s “ugliness” as much as the one off’s… maybe it’s time that the system is shook up and we stop geography graduates decide the future of our towns. now i know that some went to school for a year to study planning but is that enough? should all planners be architects first? that after you do your architectural training you do a supplement degree in planning or even have it part of th architectural course?

this suburban rampage from the cities and towns is not just a dublin ( meath/kildare/wicklow/louth) problem but a countrywide problem. i agree witht eh last’s time to grow up and stop arguing about irevelant fictional problems between the urban and rural dwellers but try and make sense of the real problem.

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