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@mickeydocs wrote:

As someone who has spent alot of time in Dublin I would like to challenge this by adding that there is no one with as much contempt for Dublin as its own citizens. My evidence for this amounts to the huge amount of litter, the blasé attitude to the erosion of Dublin’s community life, but most of all to the absolute apathy towards the architectural and cultural destruction that has been unleashed upon the city.

There is such a lack of interest in the Tribunals that essentially prove that those charged with running Dublin are more interested in lining their pockets than improving the city.

Do not blame the ‘culchies’. Blame yourself, as you elect those that run your city. You litter your city, and you have accepted the awful quality of life that is now available to you.

Yep, fair point ….but it was such a contempt in part by culchie TD’s that saw the demise of the city in the first place. Seeing it as a former HQ and symbol of the Brits, it was allowed to decay with the result that most of it’s soul and heart disappeared, communities were broken up, generations and families of traders, shopowners and merchants all lost and gone, only to be replaced with what we’ve got today in the Celtic Tiger years….a Spar on every corner. Drugs and unempolyment got such a grip on these communities that why should they feel anything but contempt for their capital city. A vital part of the city was lost forever ….but yet similar thriving communities of families of trader and merchants etc….can still be seen in cities abroad in Europe today , no matter how poor they were.

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