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There is merit to this suggestion. Given Dublin’s infrastructural deficit and the mass of people living there, it is obvious that the optimal location for a nuclear power plant would be somewhere in the Docklands region. Indeed, given the need for a high-rise landmark building in the city centre when Liberty Hall is finally pulled down, the Liberty Hall site might not be a bad place to locate such a reactor. Of course the bonus of all of this is that if there is an accident, the country’s population will automatically be halved, which would of course instantly reduce our national carbon footprint and, due to the migration of citizens to the countryside, help rebalance the nation’s demographics and revitalise the regional urban centres. In other words, it would be a form of environmentally sensitive decentralization. Cute Panda, you may inadvertently have proposed a suggestion which would end all of the nation’s woes and which would give Adi Roche a new project to work on closer to home.

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