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@GrahamH wrote:

To be honest I have always found this ‘oil’ arguement disingenuous. Lets face it: if the oil runs out we’re all screwed. Regardless of the efficiencies of public transport over the private car, alternative energy sources are going to have to be found and exploited.

Nuclear Energy can be implemented very quickly. Once you have electricity for homes, busineses and transport such as electric metros, trams and trains (small now, but growing), we only need to import oil mostly for road traffic and home heating oil. That’s a huge chunk of the Irish oil burden dealth with simply by following the enlightened and forward-looking example of the Green countries and going nuclear rather than depending on Dubya’s family business.

Hybrid cars and buses are already here and coming down in price. HGVs are coming next. Getting off oil is not a difficult as we are led to beleive. Personally, I support the alternative energy idea as “a nice idea”, but if we need serious power in this country then it’s nuclear, realistically speaking.

A high speed arterial rail line at some point in the future would do wonders for this country in terms of by-passing the mistakes of bad spatial planning. We are a while off that yet, but I can see it happening in the next 20 years. Nuclear power would come in handy for that too.

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