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@GregF wrote:

I agree totally. Frank McDonald hilighted this contempt of Dublin city by rural folk in his book the Destruction of Dublin, hilighting the appaling and ignorant attitude of the culchie TD’s attitudes toward the history and fabric of the city and urban living. Hence, Dublin’s drastic demise and destruction over the decades after independence. This contemptous attitude can be found in the rural folk (not all) who have come to Dublin to live and work and enjoy the amenities etc…. yet incessantly complain of the natives, labeling all as skangers, yet they themselves adopting the attitudes and trappings of a D4 accent and the cafe latte society.

As someone who has spent alot of time in Dublin I would like to challenge this by adding that there is no one with as much contempt for Dublin as its own citizens. My evidence for this amounts to the huge amount of litter, the blas

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