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If it was – which it isn’t, it is at it’s worst by far in Dublin (and this runs throughout the populace – tradesment are more corrupt than Cork, Waterford etc.) – it would not be relevant to by argument which is that Dublin’s curruption is Dublin’s fault,and particularly the fault of the Dublin bred corporation.

asdasd – you are a cretin and your views of all Dubliners as endemically corrupt are pathetic and bigoted. Your view that all corruption stems from Dublin is as parochial and backward as you can get – I doubt Joe Duffy would let you on liveline with your frankly bizarre opinions and worldview.

My point about the named corrupt politicos is that one of them was definitely not from Dublin and maybe the other two were 1st generation Dubs – who cares? We all know that they helped ruin Dublin and it doesn’t really matter where they came from. THEY DIDNT ONE DAY ARRIVE IN DUBLIN AND GET CORRUPTED BY THE EVIL CITY (yes I have to shout it out to you) but rather were on the make from the off like many politicians throughout the country.

I reccomend that you read local papers and the reports from ABP about dodgy land rezonings and suspicious planning permissions throughout Ireland and you may well discover that corruption is rife throughout Ireland. And tradesmen are dodgy throughout the world – not just in Dublin.

Can we have enough of your hysterical ranting now?

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