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Surely Haughey (born in Castlebar amongst other places around the country) doesn’t qualify as a dub and maybe Redmond and Burke’s parents were from the country too! Pathetic argument by the way as cute – hoorism is endemic throughout politics no matter where you come from in Ireland.

All politics in Ireland is local (hence all the TD’s are interested in fighting for their own patch and to hell with the rest of the country and blaming the “Dublin Government” is the default setting for their own ineptitude – 2/3s of the cabinet aren’t elected by Dublin – have they lost their voice???) and the fact that a central fund controls the kitty for the entire country has led to the loss of control by all local authorities (who are only talking shops these days anyway) including Dublin City Council who outside of commercial rates has no fundraising capability – central government keeping all local authorities on a drip feed since 1977.

Simple economics has led to the spiraling growth of Dublin as primate city. Because all development in this country is developer led the entire country is a mess, local authorities are all trying to facilitate developers to increase their share of developers levies because they are all desperate for cash – hence the acceptance of any development – a problem for the entire country not just Dublin. If you want better development throughout the country you’ll have to pay domestic rates or SALT taxes for it – and what government based on a PR system is going to introduce that? They’d never get elected again ever.

This is a problem for all the people of Ireland

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