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…………Let me re-iterate. The problems with Dublin – which are systemic – are caused by Dubliners: Dublin incompetence, Dublin gombeenism, Dublin corruption. Redmond, Burke, Haughey and more. Dublin Corporation is responsible for Dublin’s failure as a city, not the national government ( despite the mass recent subsidies), and has supplied the National Parliament with most of the corrupt politicos of the last few years.

I associate the accent of Dublin – particularly the northside – with incompetence, insouciance, and contempt. It is the accent of the bad tradesman, the surly busdriver, the unconcerned public official, the street lout, the gombeen taxi-driver: and so on. Country accents in the city are – for obvious reasons – more educated……………

you asdasd are an idiot

The main problem with ireland is suburbanism and more importantly anti-urban attitudes
The association of urban areas with crime grafitti etc, the notion that if you live in a house with a garden you
are better than apartment dwellers.
Our town centres and city centres are not being expanded properly, most new developements close to towns and
city centres must be high density and not just large towns even the smallest of towns have to expand their centres
with high density housing, and that means no real gardens and a minimum of parks
Any developments ideally shpuld be planned around public transport and the pedestrian(in a perfect world!)

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