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@Frank Taylor wrote:

You have to admit that Liam Lawlor and Ray Burke, both Dubliners, are prime examples of destructive forces towards Dublin that can’t be blamed on anti-urban bias.

Absolutely. But perhaps the prevailing anti-urban cultural landscape allowed them to do this? They did not go down to Kerry and Mayo and knock farm buildings the way TDs from Donegal went up to Dublin and demolished part of Fitzwilliam Street.

The John Major speech is a hardly relevant as it was just a bit of typical election waffle. The difference is that a whole nation and society was create on Dev’s waffle. Britain was not built in John Major’s image, but Ireland was most certainly was built on Dev’s.

I have mixed feelings on De-centalisation as I am not sure how it will work out. In this day and age with technology it is more manageble than it would have been in the past. So who knows, it’s a political scam of course, but I am still not sure if it’ll be a good or a bad thing in the long run.

Dublin needed the 50,000 jobs per-annum more than “Parlon Country” needed a re-election tactic. That’s for sure.

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