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@asdasd wrote:

Dublin is a mess, not because of Culchies but Dubliners.

Dublin (and Cork, Galway, Limerick) are a mess because of an ingrained distained of urban living in this country fostered and implemented by the rural elite through the trappings of the state and the civil service. You see it mirrored in many ways to this day. For instance, the government pours millions every year into the playgrounds of the rural elite in the form of golf courses and horse racing, but real playgrounds for urban children hardly exsist. There are countless other examples from terrible public transport in Irish cities to educational disadvatage. There are people today driving 3 hours to work and back in this country as a result of this anti-urban culture.

This “strong rural bias” has damaged the entire country both urban and rural. Have you ever read the transcripts of some of Dev’s radio speeches on his social engineering? He makes is clear that the town and city dweller has no place in Irish society. He got his way too and the whole nation suffered.

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