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@Frank Taylor wrote:

I think a lot of middle class Dubliners have zero interest in what country people do or how they live and certainly don’t see themselves as oppressed by them. Their traditional hatred is aimed towards working class areas

Most middle class Dubliners until the Celtic Tiger were almost exclusively from rural familes no more than one or two generations back. They came up to Dublin to work in the civil service, semi-states, Garda and teaching and took their bias towards “commoners” with them. Likewise their ancestors would have looked down on poor people in rural Ireland with equal distain. They just transplanted their “peeking through the lace curtains” mentality with them to the capital.

The came, the saw, they hated and took the train back to Mammy and Mass on the weekends until they got a “site” in Drumcondra and Dundrum and became middle class. This is also why Dublin never had a communter rail network until the 1980’s – the railways were only needed to take the “middles classes” back to Mayo and Clare on friday evenings. The working classes (translation “native Dubliners”) were tranplanted out of sightand mind to refugee camps in Tallaght, Mulhuddart etc.

I fully accept that my post is flirting dangerously with hyperbole and generalisation (even though they are essentially correct).

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