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Actually, asdasd, you’re wrong on a few points which you have made.

Firstly, you say that Dublin has the most people in it in relation to the national population in the world. Referring to my The Economist: Pocket World in Figures, 2006 Edition, Dublin is 20th in the world with 25.7% of the nation’s population. In first comes Singapore City with 100% of the population.

Secondly, you’re point about TDs(Teachta Dáil, not Trachta Dáil as you said), since they represent Ireland as a whole, the focus should lie on where the most of Irish people live. Since Dun Laoghaire, Tallaght and Swords have larger populations than whole counties elsewhere in the republic, then these places should get the same focus as these counties on the basis of having the same number of citizens.

Thirdly I address your focus on the corrpution of county councillors and TDs. Charlie Haughey may have represented North Dublin but was born in the country so therefore the ‘blame’ should lie between both Dublin and the country. In fact I do not think that inept managers of a city are a slur on the place they represent as many can lie and confuse otherwise good voters in that locality. Equally the fact that there are simply more TDs and councillors in Dublin does heighten the risk of corrupt official due to mathematical probability.

Futhermore, your contention that Ireland is the most centralised nation in Europe, I refer you to Luxembourg, the Vatican, France, Malta and Iceland in which the capital is much more of a centre than Dublin. In fact, Greece, twice the size of Ireland and spread over hundreds of islands has a larger proportion of its nation’s populace living in the sight of the Acropolis.

And in finality, you lectire GregF on his use of derogative language yet you seem perfectly entitled to label Dublin councillors and TDs as ‘corrupt’ and Dubliners ourselves ‘whiners’.

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