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@Frank Taylor wrote:

Rural areas have more community spirit than urban areas.

Places like Ballymun, Fnglas, Ballyfermot and many of the traditional working class neighbourhoods in Dublin have fantastic community spirt and I am sure the same in true in parts of Cork and Limerick cities as well.

As for rural community spirit and involvement. You take the GAA and Catholic Church out of rural Ireland and your left with nothing to being people together. All the other groups are in the towns.

Rural Ireland is on many levels an unsustainable wasteland of drunk drivers and social isolation if you are neither a GAA supporter or filling your bottle with holy water at Knock. Rural Ireland never really worked and never will except for people who have a vested interest in being there. It is highly vunerable when things go wrong. How many died in the famine and how many emigrated from rural Ireland? Cities and towns are more secure in times of economic downturn. Safety in numbers.

If the petrol stopped arriving at North Wall tomorrow, what’s “Plan B” for the one-offers in rural Ireland? Answer, there is none. They are completely screwed.

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