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Seriously it hasn’t yet sunk in. Here is a ridiculous quote from GregF

Yep, fair point ….but it was such a contempt in part by culchie TD’s that saw the demise of the city in the first place. Seeing it as a former HQ and symbol of the Brits, it was allowed to decay with the result that most of it’s soul and heart disappeared, communities were broken up, generations and families of traders, shopowners and merchants all lost and gone, only to be replaced with what we’ve got today in the Celtic Tiger years….a Spar on every corner.

Really. No… But seriously ( ignoring the fact this nonsese would be considered racist were the outsiders immigrants and not just “culchies”, a derogative term) lets say it again:

TD. Trachta Dala. Elected to run the National Parliament. Ireland. Not Dublin. No more responsible for the demise of Dublin than German Federal Parliamentarians would be responsible for problems in Bonn, or Berlin ( now).

And really, get over yourselves. Dublin has produced most of the corrupt politicans in the country ( name them), the most corrupt councillors, and the most inept city management in Europe. Learn to blame yourselves.

And the anti-Urban anti-Dublin bias has produced the most centralized State in Europe, with the largest population in one urban centre relative to the country’s overall population structure in – I want to say the World – but prove me wrong.

Dublin’s problems are not to be blamed on a mythical “anti-Urban” bias which made Dublin far too large relative to the rest of the country but the utter incompetance of Dubliners who are charged with running their own city – not culchies – and the inability to blame themselves when they mess it up, but to transfer the blame onto outsiders.

( and it is not true that urban centres outside Dublin are as bad as Dublin: the medium sized towns, Kilkenny, Tralee, Clonmel, Wexford, etc.- all have problems, but are run well, and cleaner, with more civic involvement than Dublin).

It is time to end the perennial Dublin whine. Fix up your own problems and stop blaming the countryside.

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