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Ironically this sustained 70 year attack on Dublin and Irish urban life has perhaps damaged the potential of regions outside Dublin and in particular other cities like Cork and Limerick as much as it has Dublin. Like I said, the “Fair Madiens dancing at the Crossroads” was and always will be a recipe for national destruction.

Cute Panda, that is essentially what I was saying in my message above. I do genuinely think that the disadvantage Dublin suffered down through the first years of the State is presently being rectified. I don’t have figures but I’d say 50%+ of spending envisaged in Transport 21 is on Dublin. If you added in the Motorway network (which is essentially a route network from Dublin to the whole of the country, it certainly aids Dublin more than any one particular place as they are getting several routes, everywhere else gets one) then this figure must be 85%+.

For the record I’m based in Cork and, to be wholly parochial about it, I feel that Cork has come off worst of all from the crazy City/Country divide in Ireland. As I said above, the Regional Cities are treated as part of the Countryside and get pitifully little capital investment per capita relative both to Dublin and rural towns and villages. Just because Dublin was treated lamentably in only getting (the first vestiges of) proper public transport recently doesn’t mean we should repeat the error of our ways in the other cities too. Again to speak from my own point of view (I’ll let Galway and Limerick posters put forward their own case), there are 450,000+ people living within a 25 mile radius of Cork and there are numerous cities throughout Europe of that size with fine light rail and tram networks. Transport 21, created at a time of unprecedented wealth and which purports to plan for the long term future, doesn’t come within an ass’ roar of even considering doing something similar here.

As Cute Panda puts it, we should double the population of our cities (its already happening). If we do that though, we need to invest heavily IN ALL OF THEM (which I think is what McWilliams probably meant to say in the first place). This is not as to say though that I begrudge the (belated) investment in Dublin.[/QUOTE]

There is nothing in Transport 21 for Cork’s road,rail,port,public transport or airport infrastructure in fact there are projects essential to the development of the city actually being put on the long finger like the Kent Station / Horgans Quay re-development etc.As a Dub in Cork I realise after moving here that Cork is probably the only city right now capable of providing an alternative to the crass overdevelopment of our capital and has the population and mass to entice civil servants and private companies to re-locate.The anti-Dublin/Capital City rant was and will always be there and exists in all Europaen countries. May God help us all and protect us from Martin Cullen – Incompetant Man Walking.

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