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@Cathal Dunne wrote:

I’ve been flying over the whole of Dublin in my kitchen over the past hour looking down on our booming metropolis. No, I don’t own a private jet, I have the fantastic software package Google Earth and have been using it to look at the great and the good sights on the planet Earth. These flights have raised questions, which I do think you can answer…

  1. What is that massive building site next to AIB’s bankcentre? I know S&#233]What is that major build on the M50 between Glasnevin and Blanchardstown?
  2. When is construction going to start on the Point Village complex? Preparatory work has already begun on the U2 Tower, so when is the North side twin going to get a move-on?
  3. Is Spencer Dock ever going to be finished? According to Google Earth its just a quarter complete development, when are the other three going to built?
  4. Is the Phibsboro Tower revamp u/c?, because I cannot see any building going on in the Phibsboro area.
  5. What is that construction site right beside the RDS on the South-East side?
  6. What’s the huge building site in the Stillorgan Industrial Estate?

All answers welcome, please reply!!!

1. The massive building site next to AIB Bankcentre is the new phase of the bankcentre as the previous poster said. It was bought by private clients of Goodbody stockbrokers. Dunne along with Hibernian has bought the existing bankcentre and adjoining land. It is a completely separate site from Jurys
2. Pelletstown is probably correct, also could be part of the Meakstown and Charlestown developments
4. Should be some interesting info coming out on Spencer Dock in coming weeks, will be able to say more on Monday
5. No work underway in Phibsboro yet, they’ll have to buy out existing tenants which will take time
6. Could be preparatory works for the office blocks to be built on the RDS itself
7. Allegro site is right next to Beacon South Quarter which is a massive development in and of itself. Combined they look huge.

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