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@a boyle wrote:

building houses is not the same as building roads. but roughly twice as many people are employed building things as is appropriate. And so the esri advised the government to ease of infrastructure till it has built all the houses it wants to .

What are you talking about?

@a boyle wrote:

The disruption to other traffic is minimal because roads have to have pedestrian crossings anyway.

Nonsense. There are more bus stops on a route than existing pedestrian crossings! Think about it.

@a boyle wrote:

Sorry but what could you do that is better?

I’m not saying I have all/any of the answers. I’m just being Irish and rubbishing part of yours 😉 . The Chicago model looks sensible. Cork having a compact city centre would make it work, and it avoids people getting on the number 2 to mahon and ending up lost on the Northside. My problem with your love for segregated lanes is we often don’t have the street width that countries where these things work do. Granted the streets you quote are wide, but the consequences for all other traffic would be dire. I’m not car centric, you must have a balance of both, but removing that much road space from narrow roads would be a disaster.

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