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@wearnicehats wrote:

I’ve been reading with interest a lot of the threads here that deal with the standard of design in housing esp one-off houses

I was round at a friend’s house last night avoiding having to “just have a quick look” at the drawings they’ve had done up for an extension (which actually aren’t bad) when I was struck by them complaining about the cost of the newspaper advert – €300 in the evening herald. this wasn’t the surprise – planning ads are always extortionate. They were comparing that to the cost of the planning fee which was €34. Nearly 10 times less!! I’ve never really thought about it because it’s a long time since I’ve lodged anything that wasn’t max fee but the crazy thing is that:

I imagined if someone came to me in my office, showed me a domestic extension and offered me €34 for an appraisal of it. Let’s assume that I took pity on the person and did the job for no profit. Assuming my charge out fee, I would be able to give them exactly 17 minutes of my time. If they had a new build house I’d have given them 32 minutes.

So assuming it takes a planner 7-10 minutes to ascertain whether a submission is even valid, that means 7 minutes design appraisal for an extension and 22 for a house. This would include doing a report and issuing the decision.

Personally I would prefer that the council scrapped the requirement for newspaper ad and spent the €334 building a better environment

The main point that your post reflects to me, is not the little amount ime a planner can afford to spend on an application but the crazy hourly rate you are charging. Am i missing something altogether or would you charging €120 an hour to review somebodys drawings. Please tell me I am wrong.

I assume you that the planners spend longer that 17 mins on an application.

I agree with you that €300 is a bit extreme for a planning ad, but thats their own fault for going to the herald. For an extension the council would accept an advert in a smaller, and therefore cheaper, newspaper.

As to scrapping the requirement for newspaper ad. Do you honestly believe this???
If they got rid of it, it would be barely less than 3 months and everyone would be giving out about the multitude of buildings that got by without objections, as the public was unaware

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